The PMMC Activities

Several activities such as excursions to old mining or archaeological sites are planned during the year. Mostly daytrips  to Cornwall, Devon or sometimes several days to Wales. We have Members Evening and once a year a Bar-B-Q.

Please consult the newsletter or Margaret Grimbly for more details.

Don't hesitate to contact the Club Committee if you have suggestions for an event or if you want to organise a walk or an excursion.

You can sent articles, reports,... to the newsleter editor. If you want something to be published you are welcome to sent your text and images in a digital format to the chairman or the webmaster.

More publications are available under Publications PMMC.
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If you are not a member and would like to attend an event with a view to joining, please contact Margaret Grimbly for further inquiries.

You can read all the contact references under the menu The Club in Detail.